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Carlos is a dynamic public school teacher and Principal with professional development experience in 2nd language acquisition, educational technology, and classroom management. He also is Co-Founder of Travel to Learn, an organization dedicated to teaching people how to live a truly regenerative lifestyle with respect to health, relationships, and the natural environment. TTL does this through public speaking engagements, workshops, and travel programs.

When They are Gone

Why is it that when the great ones are gone, only then can we see their greatness in its entirety? After they have left this physical plane we acknowledge their greatness. Not all of them, but so many masters, teachers, … Continue reading

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Passing Through

I am a practical guy. I learn through experience. Typically, life lures me down a few extra random paths before I learn my lesson. This type of learning has its advantages and its disadvantages. I bring this up simply because of … Continue reading

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Looking to the Past for Answers

As with most of my thoughts, I tend to focus on how to improve the health of the inhabitants of this planet and the actual Earth itself; I find no other goal as equally important. I also enjoy studying why … Continue reading

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Common Sense in Education

It doesn’t take a genius to understand the definition of common sense: good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. With such a simple definition, why is it so difficult to actually use common sense? Good sense, sound judgment and … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Travel Experience

I have always followed the less traveled path as a result of my experiences growing up. I simply find more joy in this type of travel. This summer, I am a mentor for the GLA Spanish Service Adventure Mountain program, … Continue reading

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A New Type of Vacation

In this ever-changing world, you may not be surprised to know that vacations look quite different from years past. More and more people are opting out of sitting on a beach downing rum-filled fruity drinks and soaking up ultraviolet rays … Continue reading

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Brown is the New Green! Part I

Why We Believe the Things We Believe I recently gave a lecture for the City of Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series. The lecture theme was, “Exploring innovative and trendsetting projects that excel in energy efficiency, material resources, water reuse, and … Continue reading

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