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When They are Gone

Why is it that when the great ones are gone, only then can we see their greatness in its entirety? After they have left this physical plane we acknowledge their greatness. Not all of them, but so many masters, teachers, … Continue reading

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Passing Through

I am a practical guy. I learn through experience. Typically, life lures me down a few extra random paths before I learn my lesson. This type of learning has its advantages and its disadvantages. I bring this up simply because of … Continue reading

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Brown is the New Green! Part I

Why We Believe the Things We Believe I recently gave a lecture for the City of Scottsdale Green Building Lecture Series. The lecture theme was, “Exploring innovative and trendsetting projects that excel in energy efficiency, material resources, water reuse, and … Continue reading

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Earthen Lessons

Natural/Earthen building uses products that are not processed, are found locally, and can go back into the earth when the structure is no longer standing. Some common materials include wood, rocks, clay, sand, dirt, and lime. During my natural building … Continue reading

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Will Work for Food

We’ve almost all experienced being at a stoplight and seeing someone with a sign that says, “Will work for food.” Some of us extend a financial hand, while some feel that uncomfortable moment during which we try to avoid eye … Continue reading

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