Nicaragua – The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

little girlIn this ever-changing world, you may not be surprised to know that vacations look quite different from years past. More and more people are opting out of sitting on a beach downing rum-filled fruity drinks and soaking up ultraviolet rays for days on end. On a whole, people are less satisfied with sheltering themselves at an all-inclusive resort where there is no connection to the outside world. Vacations today are actually brain-stimulating, meaningful experiences which result in physical, emotional, and spiritual satisfaction for us while many times helping others.

IMG_6273Time off is now combined with volunteer work, language immersion, cultural and historical education and quite simply, doing something important for the earth or humanity. It is a sign that we are evolving. Travelers are waking up to the needs of those in their local and global communities and are actually doing something about it. We are realizing that our own level of privilege provides us with opportunities to make differences in the world and it is a win-win situation; we help others and we feel good about it.



IMG_2888 (1)Enter Travel to Learn… TTL provides exactly the types of vacations that one can feel good about on many levels. Our premier ecotours in Nicaragua focus on cultural and Spanish immersion, volunteer work, and a leadership program for students. We typically stay in hostels (much like B&B’s) so that participants can connect with fellow travelers and locals. Travelers can opt to take Spanish classes at a local orphanage where class sizes are kept between 2-5 people. We spend time doing various types of volunteer work with local students. Participants can swim in the volcanic crater lake of Laguna de Apoyo,  hike though a rainforest canopy at the top of volcano Mombacho, ride a zip line above an organic coffee plantation with howler monkeys in the trees above, we visit  and visit some amazingly colorful markets. Statistically,  Nicaragua has been a safe place for travelers and has been slowly gaining attention as tourists realize its cultural and ecological beauty.

So, if you are ready to have fun and make your next adventure vacation a meaningful one, visit our web site and sign up for a trip! .

Past comments
“Carlos, you rock and the trip was amazing. Thank you for everything!! My Dad asked me what my favorite thing was and I said EVERYTHING!!!! Each experience had its own flavor and set of memories. Muchas Gracias. When in Chicago, Mi casa, su casa.”
Jill – Chicago, IL
“Thanks for putting together a great trip, Jilligan! All of the things we go to do and see were just phenomenal. What a beautiful country… so… thanks again!!”
Shannon – Phoenix, AZ
“I travel to learn = I travel to zip line, boogie board, surf, eat loads of good foods followed by yummy desserts, drink many spirits, kayak, salsa, frolic in the laguna and beaches of Nicaragua…..
I travel to visit volcanoes, coffee plantations, beautiful beaches, hostels, a pottery factory, markets, the wonderful historical monuments, and to see glorious sunrises and sunsets ………….
I travel thanks to Jilligan………”
Karen – Phoenix, AZ

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